- Ä Box für dis Event oder Gschänk -

The Swiss Food Teams Box

2020 was the year of distancing - however, this doesn’t mean we can’t be close and share delicious and yummy moments as a team.

The Swiss Food Teams Box allows you to show your appreciation and love for your fellow team members.

Instead of holding a boring remote team event, let your teammates open the Swiss Food Teams Box during the meeting. Discover the yummy Swiss food and snacks together.

Although we are not in the same meeting room, we can still feel connected and experience the same taste and emotions.

This is team building from 2020 and onwards.

It’s time for your company to take this important step now, especially as we all are feeling exhausted from the home office and separation from our beloved team.

Take the opportunity and send a Swiss Food Teams box to your team members now.

The benefits of working with Swiss Food Box

- We are uncomplicated and fast!
- Below you find two example boxes. However, we are happy to create a custom box with your specific product wishes.
- We deliver within Switzerland but have extensive experience in worldwide shipping.
- We reply with an offer within 24 hours.
- We ship within five days, or whenever you wish.
- We don’t have a minimum order required – 10 boxes or 1000 boxes, we have you covered.

Get your offer now – we are thrilled for creating a Swiss Food Teams box with you. Make your team members happy and create a strong bond with them!

-The Snack Box-

This box contains the following delicacies:
- A "Chopfab"-Beer
- Zweifel Paprika Chips
- Hugo Champignons
- Appenzeller Mostbröckli
- Ragusa Chocolate
- Kambly Twist

-The Gift Box-

This box contains the following delicacies:
- Basler Läckerli
- Maestrani Minor
- Gottlieber Hüppen
- Camille Bloch Kirsch Chocolate
- Lindor
- Kambly Primavera